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Acne and Scar Revesion

Acne can always be distressing as it commonly leaves ugly scars behind. Acne scars are caused due to the inflammation in the cellular areas that leads to the development of darkened pigmented skin, overproduction in scar tissues and disruption in the amount of collagen fibers. Pock marks or scars develop when this inflammation alters the collagen production.

Acne scar reduction largely depends on the intensity of the acne scarring.

There are several methods whereby we can remove the acne scars.

  • Topical medications such as alpha hydroxyl acids, exfoliating tretinoin, hydroquinone and vitamin C serums.
  • Microdermabrasion is performed on mild acne scars. A series of microdermabrasions eventually peels down the scarred skin. This is generally painless.
  • Laser skin resurfacing can be of two types. Ablative are those that leave behind wounds and non ablative are those that doesn't create any wound. Both of them are applied depending upon the intensity of scarring and the type of acne.
  • Chemical peels may include glycolic peels that are that are applied onto the surface of the skin. Depending upon the strength of the acid used the layers of skin maybe removed. After care is very important after chemical peels as it may lead to scarring and infections later on.
  • Injectables are used to fill in acne depressions with products such as collagen, sculptra and fillers of hyaluronic acid.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Subcision is used for scars that are dented because of scar tissues being pulled down.
  • Punch graft is used to treat severe and deep scaring by acne. punch grafts are small skin pieces extracted from other areas around the face such as skin behind ears. These grafts are used to replace the scarred areas. These forms scars but very much lighter than the original ones.
  • Silicone containing bandages, gels and creams
  • Cryosurgery results in the blistering of skin because of freezing and thus scar tissues are removed.
  • Pressure massages and bandages fade the scars when used on a regular basis.
  • Fillers such as collagen, PMMA, Hyaluronic fillers are used to plump up the depressed skin. But these results are temporary.
  • Cortisone or steroid injection reduces the inflammation and hence shrinks the scars.

Depressed acne scars are saucer like soft depressions on skin. There are usually three types of such depressed scars. They are rolling acne scars, boxcar acne scars and ice pick acne scars. Rolling acne scars are soft and waxy in texture whereas boxcar scars are typically box like with large pores on skin.

Scar Revision

Acne scar surgery can remove, fill or raise the scar tissues from the underlying skin. It replaces a deep scar with a less noticeable and flatter scar with the help of laser surfacing of skin.

Punch excision is used to remove the entire scar. Punch elevation is used to raise the tissues to the level of the remaining skin. Punch graft is the technique to fill the depression with one's own skin. Subcutaneous incision separates the scar tissue and thus flattens scarred surface and raises the skin.

Immediate improvement can't be expected soon after the surgery. It takes around 2 weeks.


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