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Arm Lift

Arm lift also known as brachioplasty is an aesthetic surgery procedure used to reduce the extra flabby fat tissues and loose skin that lies between the areas of the elbow and underarm. This results in a smoother, firmer and better looking skin contour. It gives a confidence owing to the proportionate and toned appearance of the individual. Liposuction may be used in combination with arm lift in order to give an enhanced appearance. Thus an arm lift typically aims to reduce extra fat and sagging skin and thus reshape and tone the skin contour.

Arms may have a sagged or drooping appearance owing to many factors such as old age, heredity, fluctuations in weight, etc. exercise alone does not provide a solution to improve the upper arm's muscle tone. Hence the available solution to localized deposits of excess fat and lost elasticity is an arm lift surgery.


In order to undergo an arm lift surgery one has to have a stable weight, significant skin laxity in their upper arm and should be healthy individuals with healthy track record. They ought to be non smokers too. People should be positive and realistic when it comes to the results of this aesthetic surgery.

Advantages of an arm lift include

  • Reduction in upper arm
  • Better confidence owing to new look


  • The patient is given a general anesthesia along with medications to combat the discomfort experienced while surgery.
  • Incisions are done over the upper arm area, depending on the location and amount of excess skin and fat to be removed. They are mostly placed towards the sideways of the upper arm as to reduce scarring.
  • Incisions would be closed with suitable sutures and removed on later after the wound has healed.
  • Results of the surgery are very much visible soon after the procedure. Though bruising and swelling may occur, they would fade with time and the newly toned upper arm is seen.

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