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Cosmetic Surgery India, We provide a wide range of comprehensive Medical, surgical, Diagnostic and preventive care across a range of major &minor procedures. Our doctors are committed to provide affordability without compromising healthcare Quality. The Multimodal approach to the treatment pre & post operative, highly experienced consultants, Allied health professionals, Management team strive hard in to make your health &life better.


Weight Reduction Options

Bariatric Surgery (Surgical Option)

Bariatric surgery is an aesthetic surgery intended to reduce the amount of fat from people who happen to be obese. This is done in order to lose weight and look fit and healthy. The size of the stomach is reduced using a medical device that is implanted or by removing a significant portion in the stomach. It can also be done by re-routing or re-secting the entire small intestines into a small pouch. (Each of these has got a particular name like gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery).

Bariatic surgery is recommended for people having a BMI of 35 - 40 and for those who are obese as well as diabetic. Surgery for weight loss limits the quantity of food you can consume. Some even limit the digestive capacity of the stomach. Most of the people who undergo such bariatric surgeries are found to lose their weight quickly. All such surgeries pose complications and risks including blood clots, infections and scarring.

Liposuction Procedure (Non Surgical Option)

It is a procedure in which small holes are used to insert suction tubes and fat is sucked out. It is not a weight loss procedure but a 'shaping' procedure used to flatten areas of localized fat deposits.

Aspirated fat cannot come back, but existing fat cells can become bigger if diet and exercise are not followed.

  • Anaesthesia - General
  • Duration - 2-6 hours
  • Hospital stay - 1 day maximum
  • Return to work - 2 weeks
  • Exercise - 2 weeks
  • Suture removal - 5 days
Liposuction Procedure

A compression garment will have to be worn below the normal attire for 3-6 weeks for final result to be seen earlier and for swelling to reduce further. Areas that can be lip suctioned are neck,chin,chest,abdomen,back,arms,thigh,buttocks,calf,hips.


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