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Birthmark Removal

Visible marks that appear in individuals during their birth time may be unique or similar. Over the years they may or may not fade. Most of them are harmless and usually disappear as time passes. Most of them are really small and can be concealed using clothing, but there are others that are comparatively larger in size and needs to be removed as it negatively affects the personality of an individual.

Common types

Pigmentation birthmarks are those that occur when the skin is pigmented in a particular spot. They might include moles and brown spots.

Macular stains are also known as salmon patches as these birthmarks appear like pink patches which are generally flat. For some these may fade for others it won't fade. These birthmarks are more prominent around the areas of eyelids and neck.

Vascular malformations can be seen on facial areas and other body parts. These are difficult to fade.

Birth Mark Removal

Treatments for removal of birthmarks:

Laser treatment: it's the most flexible and safe procedures for birthmark removal as well as mole removal. In this procedure a beam of continuous laser beam is focused on to the target area, to remove and lighten the heavily pigmented area. The cells that are darker will burst due to excessive heat. This will result in a natural healing process as the new cells would take place of darker old cells. The disadvantage of laser treatment may include skin irritation, excess sensitivity to light, rashes.

Depending upon the size and type of birthmark does the treatment duration last. It may take 2 days or maybe even up to weeks. The area after laser treatment maybe scarred, and would bleed. But that will eventually heal within a few days.

Corticosteroids would help to shrink the size of the birth marks drastically. They may be taken orally or injected. They have the capability to penetrate the blood vessels beneath the affected birthmark and will lead to the shrinking of discolored area.

Scrubbing can help in exfoliating the darker and dead skin cells in the affected area and thus allow the development of healthy and normal skin cells.

OTC Acne Creams can improve the development of newer and better normal cells and lead to the lightening of birthmarks surgery is usually done to remove hemangioma.

Home remedies include the use of:
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Tomato juice
  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in diet

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