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Breast Reduction Surgery

It is the surgical procedure used to create a change in the size and shape of the breast. Breast reduction removes the fat, glandular tissue, skin or the breast implants. These are usually done in order to improve the appearance of the breast that is to lessen the sagging/drooping of breasts.

It is done with the indications such as:

  • Gigantomastia is the case where the breast size is very large that it causes problems such as breathing problems and pain in areas like head, shoulders, neck, etc
  • Large and pendulous breasts
Breast Reduction Surgery


Women with very large, droopy breasts not only are embarrassed, but suffer from back, neck pain, skin problems etc. Breast reduction reduces the size of the breast. Lactation (milk production) may be reduced and nipple sensation may be altered.

  • Anaesthesia - General
  • Duration - 6 hours
  • Hospital stay - 2 days
  • Return to work - 2 weeks
  • Exercise - 4 weeks
  • Suture removal- 1 week

A breast support is worn post operatively for comfort and compression for 3 weeks


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