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Buttocks Augmentation Surgery ( Gluteoplasty )

Buttock augmentation or butt lift is a surgical procedure that removes the extra skin and fat from the region around buttocks. It tightens and lifts the buttock skin and thus helps in the improvement of size and shape of the buttocks. People who request for a liposuction ought to be asking for a butt lift instead. Even after liposuction there would be folds of skin that requires a lift. Hence most surgeons prefer a buttock lift along with liposuction simultaneously. Butt lift is performed on people who have large amount of loosely hanging skin over the buttocks and on the back portion of their upper thighs. It might also improve the cellulite appearance. Butt lift only aims in removing a minimal amount of significant deposits of fat and does not intend to remove it in excess amounts.

An ideal candidate for butt lift should be

  • Non smoker
  • In good health
  • Stability in weight
  • Positive and realistic outlook


General anesthesia is administered for the patient. The surgery takes around 2 to 3 hours depending upon the physiology of the patient.

Incisions are done beneath the area of buttocks. Excess fat and skin are removed. Liposuction may be performed in order to enhance the overall appearance of the buttocks.

Numbness, pain, bruising are the commonly observed side effects. These get resolved with time. Scars also fade as time passes.

Complications include infection, bleeding, fluid collection, etc. The patient should be careful about sitting on the incision and then stretching it as there are chances of bleeding.

Recovery lasts for about 10 days to 6 weeks time. One should be careful not to sit for a prolonged time after the surgical procedure. Buttock lifts lasts longer with a well balanced diet followed up with an exercise program.


Results would be realized within the first few weeks. One should be careful not to gain weight during this period.


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