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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation is an aesthetic surgical procedure done in order to restore one's youthful appearance of the cheeks. This procedure basically aims at improving the prominence and projection of the area around cheekbone. This removes a typical emptiness around the facial area. Cheek augmentation is otherwise called as malar augmentation. According to the needs of the patient the surgeon decides where and how the surgery is done. Some patients require the removal of excessively sagging cheek tissues while others may require an implantation that would give them a filled or chubby look. Cheek augmentation may be done in combination with other types of aesthetic surgery (like chin augmentation, facelift, etc.) or independently. Surgery takes around 1 to 2 hours.

Materials used as implants vary from solid silicone to the patient's own fat extracted from some other areas of body. Various commonly used implant materials are: polyethylene, medpor, soilid silicone, ePTFE, etc. substances with inert nature such as the ePTFE and medpor integrate much better than any other types of fillers right beneath the skin.

Depending upon the requirement of the patient on the purpose of cheek augmentation, there are three types of cheek implants. They are combined, submalar or malar.

  • Malar cheek implants: added right below the cheekbones resulting in the better projection of the cheekbone.
  • Submalar cheek implants: augments the region around the midface. Used to elevate the sunken look of cheek bones
  • Combined cheek implants: augments both cheekbones as well as midface region
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