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Face Lift or Rhytidectomy

It's otherwise known as facelift and is used to produce a much younger appearance of the face. Excess facial skin is removed to reshape the lower portion of the face. The underlying tissues of the forehead, brows, eyes and cheeks are tightened to achieve the desired look. Nowadays facelift is equally popular among both sexes.


During a traditional facelift, incisions are created right at the frontal lobe of the ear which extends up to the hairline. From there it ends behind the ear an again along the rest of symmetric facial region. Depending upon the need, tissues lying in the deeper region can be tightened. Removal of excess amount of skin can also be done likewise. Incisions are later on sealed using stitches or sutures. Drain pipes are provided in order to remove the fluid that gets formed in the area treated with rhytidectomy. They are eventually removed after a day or two.

Face lift or Rhytidectomy

Advancement in the area of new surgical techniques

  • Lasers: After administering a local anesthesia, an incision is created beneath the area of chin. Laser beams are used in order to do this. It's a face lift procedure using laser.
  • Liposuction: this is generally used in combination with facelift procedure to remove the fat deposits in the face.
  • Endoscopy: brow lifts and facelifts are done using endoscopic techniques. Minimal scarring and pain is achieved as smaller incisions are only required. There would be no requirement to cut away the skin folds and hence very less trauma is anticipated.

Facelift surgeries take around 2 to 5 hours. Usually facelift is combined with other surgeries such as eyelid surgery, browplasty, etc in order to ease the trauma for the patients. This procedure tightens the skin and removes additional fat deposits. It also reduces the drooping of jaw line and cheeks. The result of this aesthetic surgery lasts around ten years. The scars are kept minimal and towards the sideways of the face thus allowing it to be covered by the hair.

It's very important to discuss the medical history and physical condition including any relevant disease conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. with the surgeon.


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