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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is the problem troubling a lot of people. They may occur over the region of upper lips, face, chin, hands, arms, legs, etc. people suffering from PCOD and those taking any medicines like steroids may suffer excessively from this problem. It may also be hereditary. Several methods of hair removal are:

  • Shaving; it can be done on the arms and legs. Though ingrown hairs are common its relatively simpler and cheaper method of hair removal.
  • Plucking applicable to a smaller region like eyebrows and upper lip. It may cause scarring and ingrown hairs.
  • Depilatory cremes: cremes for hair removal dissolve the hair and thus remove it without pain.
  • Hot waxing: usually painful and messier but effects lasts really long as hair are plucked along with roots.
  • Threading; done over the eyebrow region using threads. Hair is plucked out one by one. Painfull but lasts really long.
  • Laser removal of hair: lasts really long and generally needs repeated sessions of treatment. It's done over large areas with lot of hair like arms and legs.
Hair Removal

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