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Jaw Shaping

Jaw shaping can be used in order to elevate the undesirable structure and shape of the jaw. This yields a much different and better look to the face. When we inject certain amount of protein called the botulism the tissues in the injected area begins to get weak and shrinks. This eventually contours the face with a different appeal. Effect of jaw shaping lasts for about 6 months. Excessive pressure and force must not be given to the jaws while chewing or biting. This tends to erode the effect of the surgery.

The quantity of the injectable medicine varies from one person to other. This is definitely an advantage to the patient in terms of both cost and repetitions of doses. A desired almond shaped face is assured for the ladies where as a sleek and youthful look is promised for the guys. Jaw shaping injections can also be used to treat TMJ syndrome as well as Bruxism. Bruxism is the involuntary action of teeth grinding. Constant chewing of hard foods can lead to undesirable bulges at the sides of the face. All these contribute to the undesirable appearance of square jaw.

Jaw Shaping

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