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Labiaplasty (Female genetilila rejuvenation)

Labiaplasty otherwise known as labial reduction or labia minor reduction is a surgical procedure done in order to alter the areas of outer labia, inner labia as well as the skin folds around the region of vulva. Genital surgery is considered by two categories of women

  • Females having congenital conditions like intersex, vaginal atresia, etc
  • Females who wish to improve appearance of genitals

The shape, color and size of labia differs as a result of sexual intercourse, child birth, aging ,etc. labiaplasty is used in cases such as mullerian agenesis (where the uterus and fallopian tubes are malformed), intersex conditions and also where there has been stretching and tearing of labia minor due to accident, old age and childbirth. Risk involved includes infections, permanent scarring, irritation, nerve damage and bleeding.


Vulva is the entire area of external genital in women. It consists of the vagina, urethra, clitoris engulfed between the labia minora and majora. The shape size and color of inner labia greatly differs, usually one is larger than the other. The inner labia can be dilated and stretched to double its size on event of sexual arousal or childbirth. Its size can also be changed due to irriation during sexual intercourse. Genital piercing can further increase the labial asymmetry and size.


Labiaplasty is performed in many ways;
  • Resection technique labiaplasty
  • Central wedge resection technique
  • De- epithelialiaztion technique
  • Clitoral unhooding labiaplasty

Labial reduction is generally done under general or local anesthesia or conscious sedation. It can be done independently or in conjunction with other gynecological or aesthetic surgeries.


Pain is minimal after the surgery and the patient would be able to go home the same day. Sanitary pad can be worm for avoiding any discomfort. Antibiotic ointments are to be applied at the site of surgery after proper cleansing. Extreme hygienic care is a must after the surgery. The patient is refrained from using tampons or wearing tight inner wears after the surgery. Sexual intercourse must also be avoided for duration of four weeks. Normal activities can be resumed from 4th and 5th week onwards.


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