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Skin Polishing

A mode of exfoliation technique is known as skin polishing. Dead cells that are accumulated over time are removed using this technique. Fresh skin beneath the dead cells are revealed hence making the skin appear soft, supple and smooth. exfoliation is an important step in beauty treatments. Use of loofah is an explample to exfoliation of dead cells while bathing. Pumice stones, brushes, etc are used to clear out these dead cells. If the skin is sensitive, milder scrubs are used.

Skin polishing can be done in two ways.

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical

Mechanical exfoliation is the use of rough and abrasive surfaces to remove the dead cells over the skin. Eg: pumice stones, loofah, etc.

Skin polishing

Chemical exfoliation includes the use of facial scrubs, crystals and solutions containing gel. It works by creating a chemical reaction on the surface applied. It dissolves the hardened debris on the skin and loosens them. Thus, making it easier to remove. One such exfoliant is salicylic acid. Stronger exfoliants are available over prescription.

Moisturizing and toning are important steps after exfoliation as the skin is bare after cleansing. It requires additional care and moisture in order to make it soft and supple. Exfoliation improves the skin diseases like acne, blemishes and age spots


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